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You can find professional support and advice in our help section about properly formatting your text, guides for publishing your book and tips for printing your book.

Publish a Book

Publish your book worldwide.

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Publish an eBook

Make your eBook available worldwide.

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Print a Book

Print your own book.

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Pricing and Royalties

Earn money with your book.

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Create an eBook

Create a professional eBook.

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Create a PDF

Create a PDF from your text.

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The most important questions

What does wepublish4u do?

wepublish4u is a Print-on-Demand and Self-Publishing platform. Here, you can print digital content and publish as books or eBooks. With new and innovative technology, we are able to print one book at a time.

Who can use epubli?

Anyone can use wepublish4u. From authors and designers to professors and scientists. We make it easy for you to print and publish your own book or eBook.

What will it cost me?

The use of our website is completely free. It’s only once your order a book that costs incur. The cost for publishing a book or eBook with an ISBN is a one-time fee of 14,95 GBP.

How can I earn money with my book?

When you publish a book, you determine the sales price of your book or eBook. Your royalties are based on this sales price. With unbeatable margins up to 80% of the retail price, it’s possible to start earning money from your first sale.

Who owns the copyright to my book?

You own the copyright of your book. When you publish with epubli, you are giving us the non-exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute and promote your work. If you are simply printing a book, you will retain all the rights to your work.

Why do I need an ISBN? How can I get one?

An ISBN allows publishers, booksellers and libraries to find book titles quickly and easily. By getting an ISBN, you will increase the opportunity of additional sales for your books or eBooks. You can easily get an ISBN with us by clicking on get an ISBN. Please note that the ISBN provided by the Agency of Book Market Standards remain in proprietorship of epubli. Therefore, the ISBN contains epubli’s publisher codes.

Please note: If you would like to publish a book in different languages, as a part of a book series, as an electronic book, or with a different print edition, you will need to publish each new edition seperately with an ISBN.

What should I consider if I want to publish with an ISBN?

If you want to publish a book or an eBook with an ISBN, you will need to create an imprint. For further details on how to create an imprint, check out our imprint pattern.

In addition, the ISBN is always printed on the back cover. With an epubli standard cover, the ISBN will be inserted automatically. If you would like the ISBN on a separate cover, you will need to insert it yourself.